Getting Started with Chapter 12 for Attorneys

NDC is delighted to announce Chapter 12 services for Attorneys. 

This page will address how you will gain access to their portfolio of Chapter 12 bankruptcy cases.

Accessing your Chapter 12 Bankruptcy Cases

If you have existing credentials (username + password) with then you'll only need to contact NDC to merge your portfolio of Chapter 13 cases with your Chapter 12 cases. Click here to send a ticket to our customer support. Don't forget to mention your current email address and the law firm as well as the Chapter 12 Trustee that manages your Chapter 12 cases.

If you don't have any credentials, please contact us here and our customer support will set up your credentials and link up any Chapter 12 (and Chapter 13) bankruptcy cases.

If I have an existing account, can I use that to access my Chapter 12 cases?

Yes! Please follow the instructions above. 

How do I download my Chapter 12 Trustee voucher?

It's the same as downloading it for your Chapter 13 cases. As an example go to the Voucher Donwload page here . The only change you'll notice is that Trustees that manage both Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 cases will 'look' like they're doubled up in the dropdown list. For example, to pull a voucher for Trustee Joe Black, you may see:

Black, Jr., Joseph M. (Seymour, IN)Select this for the Trustee's Chapter 13 vouchers
Black, Jr., Joseph M. (Chapter 12) (Seymour, IN)Select this for the Trustee's Chapter 12 vouchers




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