Attorney Voucher and Client Reports

Probably the easiest way to get a consolidated view of your vouchers and keep on top of your client cases is to use your account with our Debtor Attorney Reports feature on the login Overview page


First you need to log in to If you don't have an Attorney account with please click here to start the process

If you'd like to have any of these reports delivered by email click here to learn more

Attorney Payee Report


Click on the View Report button and the page will switch over to our Reporting tab and run the report


You can also download this (or any report) by pressing on the floppy-disk icon which will download a copy of the report to your browser in several formats.

Note: You can also schedule any report to be delivered to your inbox via our email system. See Report Scheduling.


Debtor Payment Report

This report is will show all of your client cases with a calculation of the number of days since the trustee has received (and posted) their case payment. This can show an unofficial delinquency for your clients.




Attorney Payment Report

This report will show you all of the Vouchers/Checks that your trustee(s) have disbursed to you.


You can click on any of the Check No links in the report. This will take you to our Voucher tab and produce the transaction for that check.



You can then download the results to Excel



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