Regarding 8-Digit Case Numbers for Florida Middle District

Note: Currently, this bulletin affects only the cases for the office of John Waage, Bradenton, FL.

Effective January 1, 2024, the Middle District of Florida courts have now assigned an additional digit that will reflect if it is a case in the Tampa Division or the Ft. Myers Division. The Trustee offices** accommodating cases from more than one Pacer system in the Florida Middle Bankruptcy courts need to differentiate duplicate case numbers from two different Pacer systems. 

What is the new case number?

The new case numbers are now eight digits. The case number follows this format: the first seven digits are the traditional case number, such as 23-12345, plus an additional digit, either an '8' (for Tampa division) or a '2' (for Ft. Myers), thus the complete number will be 23-123458 or 23-123452

For example:

This case is represented on with case number 24000742

This case is represented on as case number 24000748

How about vouchers pulled from the NDC?

All vouchers from the NDC's voucher system work as before however, the case numbers for affected offices** will appear with 8-digit case numbers.

Are the API libraries affected?

No. The API libraries accept 7- or 8-digit case numbers without changes. Please be alerted that the data for affected offices will return 8-digit case numbers through the JSON/XML output.

How do I search for an 8-digit case?

We now allow partial case number searches. For example, searching for 2400074 will give return cases for 24000748 and 24000742.

** At this time, only cases from Trustee Jon Waage's office are affected by the 8-digit case numbers.

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