Debtor Attorney PlanCalc1 Integration

The portal for Debtor Attorneys offers PlanCalc1 integration for any BSS/TNG Trustee software office.

How Does it Work?

The Debtor Attorney portal will present a new button for any accessed case for an office with the PlanCalc integration enabled. Note: allows blended case access across multiple Trustee offices, so a particular case, depending on the Trustee office, may or may not display the PlanCalc integration button.

If the Attorney pulls up a case on, they will see a new Plan Calc button on the Case Detail page.

A banner will pop up indicating the Attorney will redirect to the PlanCalc screen hosted at

A new browser tab will now contain the PlanCalc screen.

The Attorney can use the PlanCalc1 screen as needed for any calculations. Note: there is no Save feature. No data is stored once the tab (or browser) window is closed. The data entered is only transmitted to 13network to perform calculations and is not stored on the 13network servers, nor does any of the data entry or calculations remain with the Case.

Who can use the PlanCalc integration?

This is available only to registered Debtor Attorney users or firms. As of today (Nov 2023), it is unavailable to Creditors.

What has to be done to enable/disable it?

Please email and let us know if you want to enable (or disable) PlanCalc integration. NDC will coordinate with the BSS 13network administrators to provision the integration technology. Once BSS has completed the provisioning, NDC will flip on the integration. It's immediately available to your Debtor Attorneys.

Can you turn it on for some and not others?  

As of today (Nov 2023), the feature is available to your office's Debtor Attorneys for all of your office's cases. We cannot selectively enable it on an individual attorney or case.

What issues should we expect? 

The only issues we can anticipate are questions from Attorneys. NDC can field some questions about the integration. We have no technical knowledge of PlanCalc1, so we refer technical questions to Trustee staff or BSS.

Can an Attorney 'break out' of the PlanCalc screen to access other 13network screens? 

No. The integration is locked down to allow access to 13network's PlanCalc for one specific case at a time. There is no possibility to 'break out' of the screen.

What is the difference between PC1 and PCIII? 

NDC is unfamiliar with PlanCalc1 or PlanCalc3, so we must defer to BSS's documentation.

Will the Debtor Attorneys be able to print out plan calc results? 

Yes. They can use the Print Screen feature of their browser.

Will the Attorney be able to attach to the case? 

No, the PlanCalc screens do not support any Save function. Attorneys should use a tool or browser function to save the PlanCalc screen to a graphic file or PDF.

Will they have full rights to change claims around in PlanCalc (not in the case, of course)?

No, at least not from the PlanCalc integration.

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