Creditor Contacts Page

Please update the Contacts page for your firm. The contacts listed here will help Trustee offices contact the right person if there's a question about a claim or if you'd like to let the Trustee know who to contact to set up ACH for disbursements.

Please review your company contacts annually and refresh any contacts. Trustees will rely on this list to be up to date.

Note: you must have MANAGER permissions to access this page

Go to the Settings tab and click on the Contacts sub-menu.

Click on the Add new record button.

Fill in the necessary information for this contact. We suggest for the Line of Business, at least one ACH contact and a second entry for the specific line of business or a General contact for all Trustee questions.

Click the Insert button to add the Contact record to the system.

Continue with as many Contacts as you'd like to make available for Trustee inquiries, for example, Mortgage Claims inquiries.

Click Insert to insert this second contact. Please add as many as needed to cover all Lines of business.

We appreciate your help expediting Trustee inquiries by keeping your ACH and Line of Business contacts up to date.

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