Creating Account Users

t's quite easy to create a User or Manager Account for any number of team or organization members.


User type: User
A (general) User may simply browse any case in the company's portfolio of cases, run voucher screens, and have access to just about any screen within Users can reset their password and change other items that pertain to their user account.

User type: Manager
Manager user types can do all of the same things User accounts can do, plus they can create, update, and delete any account for the company, and can manage Account Settings. Tip: Remember only Managers can create or update users, so create more backup Manager accounts.

Create New User Accounts
Begin by pressing on the Settings tab, the click on the Account Users button below


Then Click on the Create User Button, fill in the Create New User form and click Create User button.


Note: All fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory. Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters long with a minimum of one numeric character.

You can repeat creating as many users as you need to provision accounts for the whole team.

To create or manage the Department dropdown, see the Account Settings page. 

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