Managing your team or organization's users is easy

Go to Settings > Account Users

A few of the actions you can do here

  • Search for users - Enter a name in the 'Search by' text box and press the Search button
  • Create Users -- Please see Creating Users for more information on using that page.
  • Details -- Press on any name in the User Name column
  • Export to Excel - press the Export link in the upper right
  • Print - press the Print icon in the upper right side
  • Disable an Account - on each row of the grid of Users, the far right-hand column, the press the Disable link. Disabling an account will mark the account as Disabled, and the User, should they attempt to log is presented with a page that indicates their account has been locked for security reasons. Note accounts that are disabled are not deleted will not allow you to create another Account with the same Username
  •  Removing an Account - this will permanently delete the Account, freeing up the Username, should you need to create another account with the same Username.

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