Scrub/Diligence File Format and Processing Notes

The scrub/diligence file must be in the form of either a csv or excel spreadsheet file.

The format of the file is 4 columns

  • Account Number or ID
  • Case Number
  • Last 4 SSN
  • Borrower/Debtor Last Name

When you are on the Files > Import New page you will see a link to a sample file 


Here is the link to the following help file:


How is the File Processed

The NDC processing evaluates each row (record) in the scrub/diligence file. The process will attempt to match against and bankruptcy information on file in our databases. If there are multiple matches, our system will only return the most recent bankruptcy case information.

Our processing system will not generate any results if the record (row) does not contain both of CaseNumber and Last4SSN. We can not match bankruptcy cases and claims data without that detail.

The AccountNumber or ID is echoed back out on the reports so that you can match NDC return data with your internal/known account/id numbers. The Account Num column is not used for matching.

Currently the LastName column is not used for matching - it may be used in a future version of our matching process. You can leave this blank but the column header for LastName must be present in the file. 

To view high level information about the matching process you can click the SUMMARY link on the Files>Data File page:


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