Modifying the Voucher Grid

The Voucher pages (currently three different pages: Voucher Display, Voucher Download, and Portfolio Vouchers) contain a results 'grid' that shows the transactions for a particular check, or set of checks.

The default view looks like this

We can modify this grid in any number of ways. One common modification is to add columns and adjust the widths.

Add Data Columns to the Grid

First lets add some columns. I'd like to add the transaction's Account Number and Mortgage Description. 

First put your mouse in the header area of the grid and

  1. Right click your mouse. This will bring up a selection panel, move your mouse to the Columns item. This will pop-up a second selection of available columns of data to use for your grid.
  2. Move your mouse to the down-arrow section of the second popup. This will scroll the list of available columns of data. You can select any of the data columns by simply ticking the box. In this case we'll choose the MortgageDescription
  3. Tick the MortageDescription box and you'll notice that the grid now contains the new column in the far right of the grid. You can move your mouse to a blank area of the web page and right click or hit the Escape key to make the menu items disappear.

For this demo, we repeated the steps above and also added the AccountNumber data column.

Resize Grid Columns

Now we'll organize the columns for readability. To do this, hover your mouse near the grey line between columns, similar to an Excel spreadsheet. You'll see your mouse change to a double arrow as below:

Left click on your mouse to drag and resize the width of the column. Do this for any number of columns in the grid to customize to your liking.

Save your Grid Settings

Once you've arranged the columns as you like, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save Settings button

Now when you visit onto any Voucher (check) on this page the arrangement and spacing of your grid will be preserved. 

You can of course use Reset Settings to return the grid to the default configuration.

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