Trustee Checks and Keeping on top of Client Payments

We'd like to show you how to get the most out of your Debtor Attorney portal, so lets talk about dealing with Trustee disbursement checks to your firm and keeping on top of client payments to their case.

First - Log into your account. If you don't have an account, check here for more information.

Once you've logged into your Debtor Attorney account you will see the Overview page; we'd point out three key reports available here.

What would you like to do.. Here's the report you need
I need details about a check or EFT I received from my Trustee Attorney Trustee Payment Report
Details about my outstanding payments due from your Trustee broken down by Client (case) Attorney Payee Report
Show me all of my clients and how far (or on time) they are with their payments to their Trustee (e.g. are they delinquent in their payments?) Debtor Payment Report

The first report is the Attorney Trustee Payment Report. With this report, you won't need any check numbers from your Trustee, the portal will automatically collect all payment checks from any linked Trustees we know of and gather that into a single report where you can bring out the details of any payment you've received from your Trustee.

Click on the View Report button under the title Attorney Trustee Payment Report:

Here's a sample report of payments received from a Trustee:


Click on the particular check number to view the details:

The Voucher Display page with details about your Trustee payment check:

You can also download this to a file with the Download To Excel button

The next report we'd like to tell you about is the Attorney Payee Report, which details any payment by Client (BK Case). 

Click on the View Report button to execute the report, your browser should look like this:

Like any of our reports, you can download this report to your browser in one of many formats, in this case we'll download to Excel by clicking on the 'floppy drive' icon:

Which will download a file to your browser, you can now view the report as an Excel spreadsheet (for example).

Finally we'd like to offer the Debtor Payment Report. This shows aging as it relates to the days from last payment, giving you a head's-up that some of your clients might be falling behind.

The detailed report looks like this:

In particular, check the Days From Last Disbursement column to keep on top of any clients that might be falling behind in their payments to the Trustee

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