My Profile Page

To update any of your personal settings use the My Profile page as seen below.

Note for all names and identifying information, changes here only affect your user account.

Profile First Name The first name you'd like to use for your user account
Profile Last Name The last name you'd like to use for your user account
E-Mail The email address used for any communications and to set/reset your password
Password Your user account password. Note minimal password length is 8 characters and must contain at least one non-alpha charater (for example, numbers, or other marks)
Confirm Password The Password and Confirm Password fields must match
API Access Key If your organization is using Web Services, this key is needed to execute any of the API calls
Generate New Key This will invalidate the previous API key and generate a new key. Note any API calls using the old key will not longer work and will generate authentication exceptions.
NDC Notifications Email Will send an email notification for any updates to the home page. We highly recommend turning ON this setting so that you can stay abreast of any important announcement about
NDC Newsletter Will send an email newsletter. (Note this is a beta release feature)

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